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Some infestations come out in large numbers and then it becomes difficult to control. Ants bite humans which causes irritations and allergies so we need to take some measures to control them. We ensure secure, reasonable, dependable and affordable insect control services.
Mazin stand firm with our promises, providing the highest level of benefits you anticipate and communicate with you at each step of the way. Ants enter homes and businesses through holes, cracks, gaps, windows, roof eaves, doors etc and cause extensive damage to our belongings. There can be multiple ant nests inside and outside your place.
An eligible exterminator and pest control are necessary for such situations. Many think they can take rid of ants with some simple home remedies, but you cant achieve a complete solution. The first thing to keep ants out is to have to pest-proof your surroundings.
Mazin can do this and many more for you. We do a complete inspection to identify the species of ants and to know the way they get inside. A thorough treatment can take them away permanently. In some cases, we may also need additional treatment inside to further kill the ones already inside.

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Most of the ant species pose some threats to us or our homes.The different species are:
· Carpenter ants
Carpenter ants cause serious problems and damages to you and your living area. They excavate wood to build their nests and make smooth tunnels inside the wood, which becomes the killer of the same wood. They more prefer wet and damaged woods. Wetness is come in our house due to many leaks.
They make colonies of more than 10000 members. They get into your house through wet or damaged woods and make their path on the dry ones. These guys have to be controlled before they completely spoil your house.
· Citronella ants
These are yellow and possess citrus when squeezed. They are found at a place where moisture content accompanied by the decaying of wood. Citronella category lives in the soil near structures, foundations, walls and rotten wood.
The tunnels dug by them will be 3 feet in diameter. We can get rid of this type only through thorough pest control.
· Crazy ants
Crazy ants got the ‘crazy’ through their ‘crazy’ behaviour. They run in an erratic and jerky manner when they go in search of food. Their main food becomes dead or alive insects, seeds and fruits.
· Argentine ants
Argentine ants are dark brown and give out a musty odour when squeezed. They make colonies of monumental sizes with 100 thousand workers, eating anything including sweets, meat, oil, eggs, and fats. Argentines prefer to live in damp areas and their nests under stones and beneath plants.
· Pavement ants
They are called so because they live at the pavements and make nests in or under the pavements. They are both dark brown and black. They are well known for climbing walls. They do contaminate your food and control on them is necessary.