Mazin can solve any problem related to bird control with the help of professional experts which can make you free from the pressure of bird control. Birds are always beautiful to see until it contaminating our place and property, more than that it causes danger to the human health. Mazin bird control services prevent the intrusion of birds into your area with products that ensure the effectiveness and alternative to bird control. Our products are completely safe for humans.

The harmful aspect of the birds
Among the birds, the one that makes an adverse effect on us is the pigeon. Pigeon droppings can cause many diseases as they contain bacteria and fungus. It causes unsanitary messes, slip and fall accidents, also their debris can clog gutters and drains. The uric acid in the pigeon faeces is corrosive, damaging metals, fading the colours, crumbling the concrete and stone works.
Droppings also ruin the places where people sit, eat, work and play along with objectional odours resulting in producing the flies that kill the vegetation. Our pigeon control includes trapping, exclusion, bird spikes, bird nets etc.
They also build up nests inside and outside of our place. It is important to fix up the issue of pigeon nesting and droppings issue to improve hygiene.


Bird Control methods
·    Bird net
This is a traditional method. The important factor to be considered in this method is the quality of the net used. The net should be of high quality which can withstand any extreme weather condition. It has to be designed to prevent any birds from entering your place and equally effective for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.
·    Bird spike
The bird spike is effective in both residential and industrial areas. Bird spike is to be set depending on the behaviour of the birds and made using fine stainless steel to withstand extreme weather conditions. The bird spikes are the one most of the customer prefer as it is more effective than any other, that can be easily installed and stays sustainable for long periods.