Cleaning is the removal of visible soils or dust from objects and surfaces accomplished manually or mechanically. We understand the importance of professional cleaning services and get it done for you by using highly skilled, trained, equipped in-house professionals and maintaining a high standard. Mazin uses high-end cleaning machinery on the latest technology and 100% environment-friendly chemicals to clean the office, commercial buildings, villas, fixtures, sofas, kitchen, bathroom, carpet cleaning, marble polishing, tile cleaning, shampooing etc.
Our company offer a one-time cleaning to new constructions or commencing units facilitating new phase and a groove cleaning package for residential and commercial zones. Mazin also delivers structural cleaning services for buildings with any specifications within an affordable budget. Let us make the dirt work hard by bringing the cleaning process under control.
Our deep clean reaches every corner that you might miss out. Cleanliness reflects your image and can impress everyone with a hygienic spotless space.

Mazin provides commercial, industrial, educational institutions and almost all sectors with professional maintenance and construction cleaning services. Our experienced cleaners have completed the quality control program to ensure a healthy environment. Professional services include:

· Emergency clean up team · Appliance cleaning

· Inspection, testing and remediation · Recycling

· Special events cleaning · Fire restorations

· Floor cleaning · Construction cleaning

· Carpet cleaning · Maintenance programs

· Floor stripping and refinishing · Restroom tile scrubbing and polishing

· Marble and granite polishing · Inside and outside window

cleaning · Upholstery cleaning · Parking lot cleaning

· Painting and repairs · Light fixture

· Bulk trash removal · Door plate installation

· Covid 19 preventive cleaning


Why choose MAZIN?
· Pioneer cleaning services provider.
· Highly trained professionals.
· Revolutionary approach.
· Patented machines.
· Trustful.

Get your professional services done today to rid your building of dust, germs and other contaminants.