Cockroaches hide anywhere in the house and crawl on anything in the house causing serious health issues. So it is necessary to get rid of this with a specialist in the field, who can even kill the hidden ones. Only with the help of an expert you can drive the cockroaches out of your house and office premises and prevent infiltration.
Cockroaches thrive in modern properties and spread fast through all the flats. Mazin does the pest tackling from the root without making you vacate the premises, fully understanding the exact species of the cockroach and the method to get rid of the same. We are the experts, using non-toxic and effective chemicals for the complete eradication of cockroaches.
Our sole mission is to provide the best possible quality service at an affordable price. We do care for you and focus on your particular needs. Our innovative methods can solve all your pest control needs by being honest and economical.

Advantages of choosing us
· Fair pricing
· Quality service
· Quality assurance
· Dual technician
· Paperless communication Facts about cockroaches

Facts about cockroaches
· Cockroaches can live without a head for a minimum of 1 week.
· Females are devoted mothers and carry the offspring in little pouches.
· It can grow a new leg if one is broken.
· They can be a profitable asset when grown to feed chickens.
· Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 7 minutes.
· Some species of cockroaches which when crushed can be used to relieve pain.
· They have a great big nerve connecting their tails to their heads which can alert them to danger from behind.
· Only some species are equipped · Only some species are equipped with crawls with their legs to climb up the walls.
· They are the biggest contributors to global warming due to their flatulence habits.
· The one just shed have white skin and black eyes. A time passes their skin darkens and thickens.
· They are the most successful creatures ever.