fly control

Mazin plays a significant part in maintaining the hygiene of both commercials as well as residential properties. Flies can cause major health and wealth losses and proper measures need to be taken to tackle the flies menace. We can eradicate your problem and ensure you complete peace of mind.
Our expert team of trained professionals carry out the needful services with innovative equipment. Being a reliable service provider, the service rendered by our experienced team of professionals become free from houseflies. We use high-quality insect killers for residential and commercial places like homes, restaurants, hospitals, rooms etc.
Fly infestation can be caused by several factors but none are more acceptable, but it is highly irritating and harmful to health. Our services are safe without any adverse effects on humans and provide a large array of quality services with the keen support of our experts and professionals.
How to get rid of flies?

fly control

Preventing an infestation is better than dealing with it. Some tips to prevent infestation are:
· Keep food covered
· Clean up soon after preparing food
· Empty and wash the dustbin daily
· Compost should be some distance far from the house.
· Take effective measures to deal with the pet's droppings

Some home remedies to effectively deal with mosquitoes
· Orange peels are dried and wrapped in silk stockings and placed in the corner.
· To avoid mosquito bites drop 4 drops of geranium essential oil into 10ml of almond oil and apply gently on hands, feet and less on the skin.
· Drop a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil or essential oil in an aromatherapy burner.
· Before dusk, place one or two pots of blooming jasmine or rose flowers indoors.
· Mosquito coils or electric mosquito coils are common methods.
· Highly toxic insecticides can be applied at the right place, time and amount.