Mazin is the one-stop shop for sterilisation & organisation needs. We do it with a low impact on the physical characteristics of most products . Sterilization is commonly utilized by the medical technology industry to rid of medical and technological equipment of bacterias and microorganisms.
Medical devices are complex and sterilization technology must also differ from the device’s design and material. We put forward customized solutions to ensure secure, safe and effective processing. Our integrated network facilitates high-quality and consistent processes that exceed safety standards.
Our expert advisors assist in solution development, validation and testing. There are many considerations when sterilization is the required outcome, it is best to collaborate with the sterilization experts like MAZIN to ensure your unique product goal.
Our first-class experts here understand the challenge you face to sterilize your medical device, improve the properties of your polymer or ensure the safety of your food products.


Our features
Complete adherence to quality systems
Sterilization is carried out with the standards.
Periodic validation of sterilization equipment to ensure consistent performance.
Automatic sterilization systems.
Customised process parameters and customer-specific or product-specific.
Offers flexibility of choice.
High-quality reports, experienced staff and efficient processes.

Sterilization methods
Ethylene oxide
Electron beam radiation
Gamma radiation
Other methods for unique needs.

Mazin coordinates all relevant quality assurance tests and provides complete validation of the sterilization management.